With most of these institutions, the entire process is streamlined from the application process, approval of the loan, and disbursement of the funds. However, the requirements for documentation and to check loan status are different from institution to institution.

The outstanding amount keeps reducing with every equated monthly installment (EMI). A borrower can either call the nearest branch of a bank or the institution's call center to inquire about the outstanding loan amount and other details, such as the interest rate, the minimum CIBIL score for the loan, and the duration of the loan. 

Additionally, some banks offer these details online through their net banking services. It is best to check loan status in advance while applying for a loan since each lender will have its own methods for tracking loans.

Check Your Check Loan Status Online.

To know whether the loan is approved, one needs to enter the loan application form or the reference number on the website on the relevant 'application tracking' page. A message may be displayed explaining the reason for the delay. As a last resort, you have to enter these details if you forget the reference number:

  • Enter your name and birthdate first.
  • Check the status of your loan application.
  • To determine whether a loan has been approved or is still pending approval, one must enter the loan application form or the reference number on the website. 
  • An indication of the reasons for a delay may sometimes appear in a message.
  • From the drop-down menu, select the product you wish to check.
  • Choose the ‘personal loan’ section here.
  • Enter your mobile number.
  • You must enter your PAN number.


Find out how the tracking process works from the bank executive if you are applying offline. Most banks offer flexible online tracking tools to help you track your loan details. In order to get updates, it may also be helpful to keep the application or loan form on hand or the reference number so that one can contact the call center.

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