CNC is the abbreviation of English Computerized Numerical Contro x-rapidtech, which means technical digital control. What are the differences and advantages of traditional process and CNC machining? This needs to be compared in detail.

We can know the characteristics of traditional Chinese machinery for processing, generally with manual management operating system ordinary machine tool operations machinery processing, processing requires manual operation EDAN, shaking the mechanical handle to make the tool cutting metal after the completion of production and processing business objectives. In the operation needs to rely on the eyes with calipers and other tools through the measurement of the relevant product processing hole position, the processing of the product positioning accuracy requirements are not high. Especially when the product has more holes, high precision is difficult to be able to meet national standards.

Different from the use of CNC machining center, it is a programming control of automatic machine tools. The programming control system can logically process the program specified by the coding instruction and symbolic instruction, decode it by computer, and cut the aluminum profile products by the cutting machine according to the designed action I-Skincare Company Limited, and process the blank into semi-finished parts. The accuracy of the products processed by the CNC machining center can reach 0.01 mm. Not only is the accuracy high, but the removal of unwanted parts can be programmed at will, and drilling, tapping, milling and cutting can be done in one step.

As the advantages of CNC machining center are especially obvious, more and more companies tend to use the products machined by CNC machining center for machinery and equipment. Especially when the number of samples is small, the product precision requirements are high and the holes are asymmetrical, CNC machining can solve the much-needed problems.