I was pretty mad since I had some pretty sweet gacha loot from the Fate collab. I didn't communicate in-game, but over distinct messaging apps like the guild Skype - that was due to my own paranoia about becoming IP banned in the first place. I am not angry; I knew it might happen... but I stopped paying attention to Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta after I could no longer play. Kinda left a sour taste in my mouth, ya understand?

They are LATE there is no way people will be stupid to leave JP and their all memories into West cause they released it now. Half of those new faces here says they're likely to play the NA server if you looked around this sub. Nothing good will come out of the argument. Again.it would be those folks who gave up on moving through capcha to get jp sega account to perform PSO2, which is understandable however they are releasing this too late.That's fine, Microsoft saw something out of Phantasy Star Online 2, they throw money at SEGA, set up the community, also have SEGA bring it over, good for them.

Us crying about if it is too late or maybe is not going to make any difference, just let it go. Just play on JP if they are not gonna ban usknowing if you would like, you have. I'm also not sure about ip block jp if they wanted to obstruct us they could have done it years back.

So something to buy meseta pso2 keep in mind for those little handful of people Windows 7 reaches EOL as of Jan 14, 2020. Windows 8 and 8.1 have already reached EOL as of January 9, 2018.