For the common problems of BOPP labels, the following two solutions can be adopted:

1. The thumb press method is used to judge the solidification of the ink

Press your thumb firmly on the surface of the ink, and then press it back and forth several times. If ink appears on the thumb, it can be determined that the ink is not completely cured. There are many reasons why the ink is not completely cured, which may be the ink itself or the UV curing system.

Here, we mainly pay attention to several problems: if UV ink is not used up, we must cover the lid properly and protect it from light during storage. The stored ambient temperature should be around 20℃, and the temperature should not be too high. The usage time of UV lamp is generally about 1000 hours, once it exceeds its service life, its spectral curve will change, so we should correctly record the usage time of UV lamp and replace it in time.

2. Improve that surface tension of the film material

Some film materials, such as PE film, are not ideal for ink adhesion and require special surface treatment. Through surface treatment, the surface tension of the film material is increased to be greater than the surface tension of the ink, thus achieving the correct combination of the ink and the film material. Surface treatment usually includes corona treatment and surface coating treatment. Discharge treatment is carried out on the surface of the thin-film material through high-voltage charges, and the purpose of increasing surface energy, namely surface tension, is finally achieved; Or through surface coat treatment, an ink-receptive coating is a coat on that surface of the film material to change the surface characteristics of the film material and make the film material suitable for printing.

With the rapid growth of the label market, the usage and proportion of BOPP labels materials are increasing. As a label printing enterprise, we must pay attention to this change, analyze the printability of materials in advance in actual production to prevent problems before they occur, so as to prepare for the improvement of enterprise production efficiency and profits.

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