If you've ever wondered what your guests notice most when they come over, it's probably the clock. When someone enters your home, the first thing their eyes are likely to be drawn to is a clock, so make sure it's something you're proud to show off! If you're in search of a new clock that will stand out from all the other ones on Amazon then look no further.

With a custom wall clock, you can pour your creativity into creating something unique and beautiful that will fit perfectly in any room of your house.
Read on for more tips on how to create an on-budget DIY wall clock decor.
So, you like the idea of a D.I.Y. wall clock, but you're wondering how you can make one yourself?

First things first: you'll need some equipment. You'll need a base for your clock—ideally MDF clock base, which is highly durable and provides an unfinished wooden surface to work with. Next, you'll need a clock machine with box-type hands, and numbers for your clock—these can be made of wood or acrylic, depending on which look you prefer.

Finally, it's time to design your mdf Clock base! You can create your own resin clock using acrylic or oil paints, resin pour art, or donut mandala art—the possibilities are endless! Once you've designed your base and added numbers/clock strips as desired, all that's left is attaching the machine with hands and voila! Your very own D.I.Y. wall clock is complete!

Which DIY wall clock is ideal?

When it comes to finding the best wall clock, you need to consider your space. The wall clock that matches the theme of your space is going to be the ideal choice for you. If you have bold walls, a white canvas sheet with black bird stickers can be a great choice.

The good thing about DIY clocks is that you can make them from anything—all you have to do is attach the clock mechanism and hands. There are all sorts of modern clock designs that don't even have numbers on them.

You can make a wall clock from any MDF base as long as you have the clock machine and hands. You can go for modern designs that don't even use numbers! For more great ideas, check out Hobby India and our amazing selection of quality crafts for home decoration at affordable prices

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