The benefits of using the dedicated customer portal- Experia are explained below – 

  1. Hassle-free payments 

Payments on EMIs, monthly instalments, part-repayments can be done quickly through this customer portal- Experia. One has to click on ‘Quick Pay’ from the ‘Online Payment’ tab on the dashboard for financial transactions. 

  1. Drawdown facility 

Through the Bajaj customer portal login, individuals can avail facilities, such as drawdown and withdrawing money from their Flexi loan account. This reduces the monetary liability and offers flexibility in using funds.  

  1. Resolve queries 

The Bajaj customer portal Experia also has customer questions related to finances, financial products, payments and others. Apart from these, one can launch a service request and resolve queries without hassle. 

  1. Update details  

If individuals need to update information like personal details, Email ID, and address, it can easily be done through the Experia portal. 

  1. Check previous payments 

Customers can view their previous payments, current pending payments, and download e-statements through the Bajaj customer portal. 

  1. View pre-approved offers 

Customers can view their pre-approved offers through the Bajaj customer portal – Experia. These offers are available on selected financial products and make loan processing faster. Thus, the Bajaj Finserv customer portal is the one-stop solution for all financial queries and assistance. Individuals have to login to the portal using their credentials first to avail the benefits.