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I have never completed a deal for hundreds of thousands of carats and I have never closed a deal for hundreds of millions of dollars. However, I have been paid many times to go to Zurich, Geneva, New York, Dubai and South Africa to evaluate hundreds of millions in diamonds that were to be shown at Malca-Amit and or Brink's and when we got there, the stones did not exist. It is painful to watch your client when they realize they were fooled and threw away many thousands of dollars in expenses.

I always ask kidney bean color sorter  if they have verified the seller before I accept the assignment. They almost always say yes they have. At this point, it is none of my business how they have verified the seller. I have asked the question and do not question the abilities of my clients. I will of course, offer to verify sellers as part of my consulting services if the client requests, but few do. It is well known that gemologists get paid before we go on assignment. If your supplier does not show up with goods, or the goods have no relationship in quality and quantity to what was promised, gemologists still get paid. In addition, when you go to these countries to view goods, you incur all the transportation costs as well as expenses for hotels, meals, and everything else. This often adds up with gemo fees to be around $20-$30,000 a trip.

You would think that with a $20-$30 grand risk, you would be very careful when you engage a seller. My experience has been that people are blinded by need and greed. They want to believe. And, because they want to believe, they miss the RED FLAGS flapping all around them. For you brokers and buyers here is one easy step to verify the seller. If you follow my advice you will save yourself hours of phone conversations, useless paper work shuffling, and much time, money and disappointment. Here it is...

For brokers, before you begin any introductions to your valuable and easy to lose clients, ask the seller where the goods are currently. If he tells you they are at Brinks or Malca then tell him that your clients will only engage if you have verified that you are dealing with the actual seller and that you must verify that the goods are where the seller says they are. Tell him to call Brinks or Malca and to instruct the safe-house manager to disclose to Mr. Buyer that Mr. Seller indeed has a large parcel at the safe-house. Tell the seller, you do not need to know the amount it is insured for, or even the quantity available. All you want to do is to have the manager at the safe-house verify that they have the seller's diamonds in their possession and they are under the company of Mr. Seller. Make sure the seller understands that only the buyer will call the safe-house.

If he agrees to do so, then get the name of the manager and the phone number to the safe-house from the seller. Now go to the web and look up the number for yourself to verify you have the right number. Call the number and verify the name of the manager. If everything checks out, give this to your buyer to call and verify. If Brinks or Malca are instructed by the seller to give out this information to a particular person they will comply. If the seller does not want to do this, then walk away from the so-called seller and quickly as you can. Do so without regret.
When trying to please their kids, most parents would give toys or games as presents. The most common of these toys include stuffed animals, cute dolls for girls, toy cars, and balls for boys. But while these toys can make children happy, child experts are encouraging all parents to purchase toys that would not only pique their child's interest but would also hone his skills. These playthings come in different forms and varieties, and they are shelved under the "kids' learning games" or "educational" category.

The obvious importance of grain color sorter and playthings is their role in a child's development. During the early stages of a child's life, there are certain developmental milestones or skills that he must acquire for him to grow into a mature and fully developed adult. Some of these skills include crawling, speaking, walking, and logical thinking. To make sure that a child perfects them, he must be given two things: first, all the tools he needs; and second, enough opportunities to use these tools for his development.

Since a child does not have enough experience in life, parents can sometimes have difficulty trying to impart learning. Thankfully, with educational toys, this difficulty is addressed. Many playthings these days target a specific skill that a child must hone. For instance, to teach logical thinking, parents can give their child a ball that contains puzzling shapes and figures. Aside from that, these toys are also specific to certain age groups. And as a child becomes older, the toys and games become more complex, but they are still fun to play with.