Vincent Van Gogh is a name not unknown to any art fanatic. Van Gogh was a painting maestro who used his free spirit as a tool to express himself on the canvas. He was not as famous as today when he was alive. His creative genius was identified by many art fans after he was gone. If you have ever had the opportunity to come across the depictions of his life, you know that he wasn’t in very good mental shape during the major years of his life. He suffered various mental health problems throughout his life. But that didn’t stop him from making a collection of masterpieces. He channeled his extremely moving mental energy into creating masterpieces that have millions of fans today.

If you are looking forward to buying any Van Gogh reproduction painting then here are a few of his famous paintings:

Café terrace at night:This painting beautifully captures a normal day in the life of Van Gogh. He captured the scene of a beautiful terrace with a heavenly night sky. He was so happy about creating this painting with blue sky rather than black. He even wrote a letter to his sister after making this painting expressing his elation over capturing this beautiful moment.

The starry night: This is one of the most-talked-about paintings of Van Gogh. Ironically, in a letter to someone, he referred to this painting as a failure. But this jaw-dropping artwork has impressed millions of people so far. This painting resembles hope and shows Van Gogh’sunfiltered style to depict abstract feelings.

Many other Van Gogh paintings are an inspiration to many artists. The expertise with which Van Gogh created paintings makes his reproduction paintings some of the most demanded ones across the globe.

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