Turning off words, phrases, or hashtags on Twitter is a bit more complicated and isn't necessarily intuitive to figure out how to do it.

Go to Twitter's 'Settings' menu. On browsers this is three dots in a circle at the bottom of the left align toolbar and on smartphones just click on your account picture in the top left of the screen from home page.

Once in this menu, click 'Settings and privacy' near the bottom of the list. You will need to select it again in the next menu that also pops up.

Now, you've got a longer menu of options. Scroll down to the heading marked 'Safe' and select 'Mute words'. This is just below 'Account Disabled' on smartphones, but on browsers you'll have to click 'Mute' and then 'Mute Word'.

If you've turned off words, this is where you'll see them, but the list will be empty if it's your first time on the list. To add a new word or phrase, click the plus icon, either in the upper right corner of the browser or the bottom right on a smartphone.

Now add the word or phrase you want to mute and you can add hashtags instead if you want. You can also edit the settings, choose where from to be muted (your home timeline or just your notifications and who tweets it) and how long the mute will last.

When you're done, click save, top right for smartphone and bottom right for browser, and the word will be added to your mute list.

Now mute it. So great! You can keep negativity or toxicity out of your life.
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