A mobile/portable concrete batching plant can do away with your construction costs. Having to get ready-mix concrete transported to your location is surely an expense that's not essential. In the event you choose establishing a mobile concrete batch plant (мобильные бетонные узлы), you can reduce your cost of conveyance per yard. Also, concrete batching on-site makes a greater quality of cement within the sense that there's fresh manufacturing of every load of cement on location. Concrete conveyed coming from a different site batching plant may have conveyance delays brought on by external factors.

Sometimes on the road, a driver may be inclined to dilute the concrete due to time delays contributing to an inferior concrete. Alternatively, a mobile concrete batching plant can let you convey the concrete where it's needed just a couple of minutes after its production. In this process, your concrete is safe from risky external factors such as dampness and also heat.

Starting a concrete batch plant can be done everyday. Once the create, you can modify your concrete production according to your jobs necessities.


- The concrete batching plant (мобильный бетонный завод на шасси) is divided straight into a traction as well as the trailer hanging unit. Within the trailer, the compact structure targets all methods involved in concrete production.

- The twin shaft compulsory mixer includes a high continuous operation capacity. The mixing direction is extensive as the mixing is of high quality. It mixes quickly and uniformly.

- It's easy to understand the manual-machine interface, bringing out reliability within the work execution. Inside a harsh environment, the operation can remain steady.

- All of the necessary arrangements of your hardware could be carried quickly towards the designated construction by either dragging it in general or by disassembling and towing the primary body and also the batching machine. While on site, the hardware could be assembled easily.

- The degree of mechanization is extremely high, straightforward operation, great stability and solid mobility. Production capacity is ensured while ensuring flexibility. However, the machine's production capacity is fairly low.

- The concrete batching plant's structure is hard, the design used in spacing is sensible and compact. This makes sure that there's adaptability inside the work done. Learn more: https://aimixgroup.ru/mobilnyy-betonnyy-uzel/.

- The batching plant occupies merely a small area, hence, rendering it an easy task to transport it from one place to another, therefore, reducing the volume of work completed in infrastructure. Also, its design includes some wheels below each bin to assist it in moving more flexibly and conveniently once the workplace is changed.

- Generally, the mobile batching plant is small in dimensions and its configuration is easy. This will make it right for extending works such as construction in remote regions and road tunnels.

- With regards to price, different configurations in the portable batching plant have different prices and other models have different configurations. So, it's a matter of which you want. Another factors might change the cost too including the delivery methods and prices of raw materials.

They are just some of the various advantages you'll find together with the portable concrete batching plant. This is an important equipment to the contractors. If you want to buy a mobile concrete batching plant, Aimix China is a good choice.