There is no denying that the daily operations of small businesses and startups can be pretty varied and hectic. As such, the individual details and tasks sometimes become too much to handle. In such a scenario, the use of basic software just isn’t enough because it will depend more on manual processes and fail to offer the clear visibility that is needed to help your business grow. Even then, countless startups and small businesses settle for makeshift entry-level solutions and applications for running their daily operation. But the futility of such patchwork solutions becomes evident when the disconnected applications give out outdated, inconsistent data that gets too expensive to maintain.

According to IDC, in a survey of small businesses with 50–99 employees, 57.5% strongly agreed on investing in cloud and hosted solutions.

Most small and mid-sized businesses feel that only those large companies need a proper ERP solution. However, what they don’t realize is that investing in ERP is equally important for their ventures. And, if they have been shelving the idea for so long because of cost considerations, the good news is that NetSuite ERP for small businesses is here to help them out. Read More