Swaraj 742 FE tractor model is robust and powerful for various agricultural applications. This tractor comes with all the required features and qualities. This is a tractor, which a farmer wants for every farming operation. It considers every essential feature that fulfils the farmer's expectation and provides them with the expected results.

Swaraj 742 FE Features 

  • Swaraj 742 FE tractor has a Single Clutch; It is equipped with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears with a top speed of 3.44 - 11.29 kmph.
  • This tractor has a great top speed of 2.9 - 29.21 kmph. In addition, it is manufactured with oil-immersed brakes, which helps in frequent stopping.
  • Swaraj 742 FE steering type is Mechanical/Power Steering. This provides a larger fuel tank capacity for longer runs on farms, and the tractor model weighs 1700 kg. 
  • It gets 2 wheel drive and 6 X 16 front tyres, and 13.6 X 28 rear tyres.
  • Swaraj comes with 42 HP Multi-Speed ​​PTO and Reverse PTO at 540 rpm @ 1650.

Swaraj 742 FE Tractor Price

Swaraj 742 FE price in India is reasonable from Rs 5.95 Lakh* - 6.30 Lakh*. This tractor On Road Price 2022 is very economical for Indian farmers.

For further information regarding Swaraj 742 FE in India and Other model of Swaraj tractor model like Swaraj 717, Swaraj 834 stay tuned with us.