Mut 20 coins is currently shielding you. In all seriousness, I'm guessing Madden is programmed to value it's 1st round selections a bit higher than it needs to to keep from being robbed blind all of the time. I mean I would argue it's a effort at that. 

I have a field day at the draft, trading choices and a squad for several round picks.. I have owned the entire first round, and using a cap consistentenly get at least a dozen first round picks (I try to be realistic, but after a player I want gets accepted way early, I go to fuck it manner ). Don't even get me started on free agency sign & trades, a thing I wind up abusing every year even with a cap (only takes longer). There's soo many techniques to manipulate trades and it basically becomes robbery.

They can't even work out how to have the replay system right, along with a dozen other glaring issues. I highly doubt that the reason for this"glitch" is as nuanced as you have suggested. So that your thought procedure is so therefor it must be a glitch, they accidentally did something. This means you feel that, though it's right to what would actually happen in real life, that it's a mistake and they should alter it to be wrong?

First off, your assumption that a rejection for the buy Madden 20 coins reason you said would occur"in real life" is pure conjecture, as we both recognize that this sort of trade would never be suggested. I never said that they need to change it. I frankly believe they have bigger fish to fry and would not bat an eye if it were brought to their attention. Everything you've declared to be"directly" and"wrong" in this scenario is 100 percent your opinion.