Powertrac 445 Plus is one of the popular tractor models of Powertrac tractor brand in India. This company is popularly known for its best-in-class tractors and engines in the tractor and commercial vehicle segment in India. This success is due to the manufacturing of tractors in India for many decades. These years of experience have helped Powertrac develop a value for money tractor for the Indian market.

Powertrac 445 PLUS Specifications

  • Powertrac 445 Plus has Mechanical Single Drop Armor Optional Power Steering to control the tractor, enhancing the farmer's experience easily.
  • Powertrac 445 Plus is loaded with a Single Clutch for the tractor's smooth functioning.
  • The tractor was fitted with Multi Plate Oil Immersed Brakes to stop the tractor quickly. They also promote less slippage and better grip in the field.
  • This tractor has 8 Forward + 2 Reverse gears and offers a maximum 32.5 km/h forward speed and 10.8 km/h reverse speed.
  • The tractor's power is 47 HP, and it can handle all farming equipment.
  • Powertrac 445 provides a fuel tank capacity of 50 litres for a long working life that satisfies the farmers. It also has a loading and lifting capacity of 1600 kg.
  • The 2761 CC engine capacity of the tractor produces 2000 RPM for best performance in the field.
  • Powertrac 445 Plus specifications make this tractor very user-friendly.
  • The Centre Shift / Side Shift Transmission System gives smooth operation to the drivers.
  • The tractor's wheelbase is 2060 mm, and the overall length is 3540 mm.
  • This is a fairly affordable tractor; that’s why Powertrac 445 Plus the on-road price is between Rs 6.20 Lakh* to Rs 6.50 Lakh* in India.

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