We consider of a single phrase 'Tray' as greeting the guest with a glass of water placed on the nice hardwood try. The pinewood tray, on the other hand, is much more than a surviving tray here.

Every product is employed as a decorative element in the voice of art, and wood is an exceptional ingredient for sustaining the individuality of the living environment. There are variety of wooden decorative products but among them wooden tray Bases are worth purchasing whether you need a set of trays to dress up your present wrapping or want to add to your home decor.

We'll go through 10 various ways you may customize your environment with these basic pinewood trays in this article.

Green Cart + Garden Centrepiece

In the indoor gardening zone, the pinewood tray is the highest quality tray. Indoor table plants such as the bamboo plant, Devil's Ivy, Philodendron, and others can be added in a few pots. Then, as a centrepiece, set the pinewood tray on the room's corner table or within the garden huts.

Tea & Coffee carrier

The wooden tray is an exquisite and classy serving item; you can use it to carry the pots while serving the cup of tea. You can also use the wooden tray as a centre on the kitchen wall to organise the sugar and spice jars.

Books settlings+ Pen set beside.

This is the ideal hack to use as educated décor in the corner of the room if the height of the pinewood try is higher than 10 inches. You might arrange the stacks of books with a beautiful pen alongside them to provide intellectual feelings to the place.

Personalize with Memory

What could be more valuable than personalizing the environment with wooden acrylic photo frames and notes? To attempt and increase the appeal of your unforgettable event, you may fill the area in a stylish fashion with pine wood. You may also add a couple of MDF frames with inspiring quotations to boost the energy in your space.

Exclusive Hamper Tray

Today, hampers are so popular that the days of presenting plain Dairy Milk Silk are quickly fading. The trays are the greatest technique to lavishly embellish the collected objects.

Candles jar+ floral decor

The easy alternative for decorating the corner of the bedroom or living room is to place a flower vase or candle jar on it. With a wooden tray, you can change the boring flavor of corner art. Set the pinewood to try with a beautiful candle jar and flowery glass vase, as well as a few dried grass straws for a warm appeal.

D.I.Y. Decor

DIY decors are the most interesting and enjoyable ways to decorate your house. You may paint the pinewood and customize it as much as you like with creative items such as a personalized name jar, essential oil tray, photo frames, and so on. Your art should reflect the individuality of your room.

Wall hanging tray

The interior wall plants or table plants, tea-light holders, candle décor stands, and a variety of other décor objects make up the wall hanging tray.

Mouthfreshers+Tissue rack

Mukhwas, or mouth fresheners, are traditionally served after a meal in India. Make the last task more entertaining by placing mouth freshener jars or bowls in the pinewood. Attach the tissue rack for a more beautiful appearance. To make a strong first impression, keep the tray on the centre table.

Morning breakfast servings

The finest example of excellent and strong service is Pinewood. You may offer your bread and spread it with a cup of tea in a stylish wooden tray to make the morning delectable and gorgeous.

Embrace the Decoration within the Homogeneous Routine

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