As a leading manufacturer of innovative devices, Canon is regarded as one of the world's most trusted names in photography. Other high-quality products sold by Canon include printers, cameras, and many others. Printers from Canon have a devoted following around the world due to their superior print quality.

The Canon Pixma Ts3122 setup instructions are provided here to assist you. Here we will tell you how to connect a canon ts3122 printer to a chromebook. Wireless inkjet printers allow you to print crisp, clear documents. In addition, it's a great way to get high-quality photographs printed off quickly. Because of the house's seamless internet access, residents can print from any room in the house.

Drivers for Canon PIXMA ts3122 printer

  1. Set up the PIXMA hardware for the first time.
  2. For additional details, go to
  3. The ts3122 download page is displayed on the screen.
  4. The download is as simple as clicking the button. Start the download of the Canon Pixma ts3122 by clicking on the Save File button.
  5. The Win-ts3122-1 1-n mcd.exe application initiates the download.
  6. Install the software for the PIXMA ts3122 printer.
  7. Join the community (wireless or LAN).
  8. Complete the Canon PIXMA ts3122 Printer Setup by following the on-screen directions.

The Canon PIXMA ts3122 printer's specifications

The PIXMA ts3122 has a maximum print resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi and is compatible with both Hi-Speed USB and Wireless LAN. Black or color ink produces 4 x 6 photo prints in about 65 seconds. Printing media in the following sizes can be ordered: 46, 55 Square, 557, Letter, and Legal. AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, and Wireless PictBridge are just a few of the printer's many capabilities.

Canon PIXMA ts3122 Hardware Unboxing and Configuration

The Hardware configuration is shown below for a newly purchased Canon PIXMA printer.

  1. To begin, remove the packaging's protective box tape.
  2. Remove all of the printer's parts.
  3. If you're printing from a laptop or desktop computer, keep the Canon PIXMA TS3122 printer close by.
  4. The Wall socket and port should be connected to the power line.
  5. Wait for the light to come on once you turn on the power bulb.
  6. The PIXMA TS3122 has a basic hardware screen that may be configured to suit your needs.
  7. Make sure there are enough sheets of paper in the rear tray before installing the FINE cartridge.
  8. To finish the hardware setup, add ink.

My Canon PIXMA ts3122 printer requires software. What is the best way to get it?

  1. To print documents, you need to download the Canon PIXMA ts3122 driver. Follow these simple steps to get your Canon printer's complete driver and software package:
  3. In your web browser, type ij. start.cannon ts3122 into the search field.
  4. Use the URL https://ij.start.cannon/ts3122 to access this article.
  5. Canon printer driver downloads will open shortly after this step. If the appropriate operating system device is selected in the top-right list, simply click the Download button. You can log in with your device's login and password and then click the download button.
  6. To proceed, click "Save" or "Save File" in the pop-up window that appears and contains the file win-ts3100-1 1-n mcd.exe.
  7. It may take a few minutes for the download to finish.
  8. The printer software installation can then be started by clicking Run or by double-clicking the file you have downloaded.

Prior you making any changes to the PIXMA TS3122, remember the following:

  1. Your computer, laptop, or tablet should all be connected to the same wireless router when printing from a Canon printer.
  2. Enable printer sharing in the network settings and then select a network.
  3. If a large number of devices are linked to the same network, the TS3122 printer software may encounter problems.
  4. Using a USB cable, connect your printer to a computer or tablet with a USB port.
  5. Make sure you have the correct printer software, namely ij. start.cannon ts3122, downloaded from the manufacturer's website.

Canon TS3122: How do I link it wirelessly?

  1. To link a network, you'll need a wireless router. It is possible to start the process using the wired router. The following hints will assist you in locating the most straightforward solution;
  3. The router should be ready. If you have an Ethernet connection, connect the router and printer to it.
  4. Make sure your Canon printer is plugged in and running. Press Stop if you see anything flashing.
  5. The "Network" button on the front display can be pressed and held.
  6. Release the Network button if the (WiFi symbol) appears on your PIXMA model.
  7. Make sure your router works by pushing and holding the "WPS" button.
  8. Once you've noticed and connected, simply release the WPS button on the router.
  9. The PIXMA TS3100 WiFi Setup appears to have been successful, based on the regular alerts.