Why haven't you made any money? But Mom, I've been sending Upwork proposals for weeks! What are you writing? Are you sure it's good? But the guy said he made a lot of money with it! Can't you check how much they made? What?! Today I'm gonna give you your new Upwork proposal. It's earned me over million dollars and it's gonna change your life. But first you need to understand that 86% of the people who sign up for Upwork never earn a single dollar.

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Here's the top three reasons why the 86 percenters are failing and what you're not gonna do. They focus on themselves instead of on what the client wants. Here's a test: If the first word of your proposals is "I", then you're definitely gonna want to steal my entire cover letter template. They go for quantity over quality. These people think that just sending more proposals is the goal. It's not. If you change fewer than 10 words every time you send a cover letter... You are playing a very dangerous game.

They send rapid-fire proposals. If you spend less than a minute reading the job description, reviewing the client's past feedback and stats, and incorporating that into your cover letter to help you stand out, then that's how people fail and quit Upwork forever. Starting today. You don't do any of that anymore. You're not gonna be an 86 percenter because today I'm gonna give you one, not-so-obvious tip that will help you supercharge your Upwork game. But first, I'm gonna show you this cover letter. It's earned me over a million dollars and I've taught this cover letter structure to both beginner and experienced freelancers who have used it to win countless jobs, and you can too.

You're showing you're a great fit and you understand the client's struggles and frustration. You've solved this problem for other clients before and they think you're awesome. The insane results you achieve for your clients show that you're different and that you can achieve the same kind of results that your potential client wants too. You're giving them a crystal clear your next step. At this point, you're probably asking: "But wait a second, Evan, this one's for Tom, the video editor. I'm not a video editor. I'm in a totally different niche. How do I customize it so it works for me?"

Well, if you want to download the cover letter and watch a full video walkthrough on how to customize it for yourself and your niche, then the link is in the description below. You're also probably saying: "But hold on a second. You just told me that copy paste is the enemy. Are you now telling me that I should copy paste this forever?" No! We're not just about getting out of the 86%. We're about going from the 14% to the 0.14%. And so the one tip to supercharge your upward game experiment.