Many people in China have now chosen modular houses as their homes. It is very personalized and can be decorated according to one's own preferences. It can be made very special. If you don't like it, you can redecorate it. Although modular housing is not feasible to many people and the government has not yet provided any policy support, many experts say that modular housing may be a good choice to solve the contradiction between the current high housing price pressure and a large number of social needs.

The main materials of modular houses are channel steel for frames and color steel sandwich panels for wall ceilings. The quality of these two materials directly affects the quality of houses. The difference of channel steel is mainly manifested in the difference of channel steel thickness. Some manufacturers have little difference in surface consumption, but the thickness of channel steel is different. Some modular houses can be stacked on three floors and can accept greater pressure, while others can only be stacked on two floors and cannot accept the pressure brought by stacking on three floors.

Channel steel is not thick enough, it is easy to bend under pressure, and the container is deformed, which affects its service life. No change can be seen in a short period of time, but problems such as deformation and collapse will easily occur after a long period of time, which may endanger people's safety. Therefore, there is a certain standard for the selection of channel steel for modular houses, and the channel steel data below the standard cannot be used instead of saving money, which is easy to cause problems.

The quality of colored steel sandwich panels directly affects the service life. At present, the data of colored steel sandwich panels on the market are mixed, and the thickness of steel plates used in different colored steel sandwich panels varies greatly. If the colored steel sandwich board used in the movable board house is used on the modular house, the colored steel sandwich board may present a series of problems such as steel plates falling apart and rusting in a few months, causing damage to the modular house. Therefore, special color steel sandwich panels must be used in modular houses, and color steel sandwich panels that do not conform to the specifications cannot be used due to the reduction of cost. The gains and losses are equivalent.

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