Coloring is a fun project that everyone can enjoy, no matter what age. As a more challenging activity than coloring books and coloring sheets-wooden crafts for kids, keep your group engaged with these 3D dioramas! They are great educational crafts that foster additional creativity and allow kids to display as a completed showcase with a functional value, rather than something handing on a bulletin board. These dioramas are also great for including in a lesson plan, applying to an existing theme, hobby or interest, and can help improve writing and communication skills. They also encourage imagination, dramatic play, and help with self expression.

  This train themed diorama is great for teaching your group about transportaion or locomotive. This 3D representation can allow for an exciting visual for kids, and can spark memories in older adults! The kit includes glue, crayons and a resource guide with fun facts, activity suggestions and assembly instructions. Once you color the diorama, you just cut, fold, and glue or tape it together! The cutouts pop off the page giving it such a fun dimensional effect.

  Encourage imagination and discovery with this future city diorama. It allows kids to imagine what it would be like in the future. They can write a story to go along with this craft activity and explain what they envision the future would be like. What type of vehicles would they drive? Who would be President? What would their pets look like? Would there be robots?Students can answer these questions and more! Visual depth and details give these scenes an exciting real life feel. Just cut, fold, glue or tape together and color.

  This diorama is perfect for any fishing themed activity for your classroom. You can also use it as a craft activity for male residents at a senior living facility, or for a bonding educational craft activity for kids and their parents. It can help spark memories and bring a fishing scene to life. The pack comes with the background scenery that stands up, along with blacklined cutouts that pop off the scene! Just cut, fold, glue or tape together and color.

  This diorama is mall or shopping themed, and can be used as an aid to teach students about money, business, and even building and how things are made. The set comes with 12 projects, and each contains 6 buildings and a 15″ road mat.

  Bring this interactive diorama to life with cut-out characters! Kids can create their own gymnastics dance studio with images of handstands or pirouettes. Senior residents may enjoy this activity as they reminisce about their dancing days. If you have students who have a love for dance, this is a great educational craft. For fun, put your kids in the scene – cut out and add your own photos!

  This fun school themed diorama can be used as a Back to School activity for studenst, or just a fun classroom visual that they can color and personalize each character. Have students color and assemble the diorama, then write some details about their classroom and a short story with the character who are participating. You can even add real life photos of your students to the dioramas.

  his adorable pop-up book featuring farm animals allows kids to take a 3-D tour around the farm! Kids can color the animals and write a short description of each scene. This is a great activity to support a hands-on lesson plan.

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