When we transport the goods, we will use tools to fix the goods, and most of the products used are straps, so the firmness of the straps is very important. Before we buy the strapping products, the tie down straps manufacturer will heat the strapping products on various hardware accessories, and professional testing, simple operation methods can ensure safe use. However, in addition to the product, the way of binding is also very important when binding the goods. Next, let's talk about how to tie the Bollinger knot.

Bollinger knots are very strong knots, and they are also easy to untie. They are often used in camping: hanging things outside the backpack and fixing camping ropes. First, fold the end of the rope and make a small circle around the long end. Next, pass the end through the small circle and place it behind the long end. Then, the end crosses the long end from back to front, and back through the small circle again. Finally, tighten the knot as much as possible. When untying the knot, just turn the back of the knot around, you can see a shape like a figure of eight, hold a circle of the eight with both hands, pull it apart, and push the end out.

In addition to Bollinger knots, there are other knotting methods, but no matter which kind of knotting method, you must ensure that its firmness is high.