Boxing Sandbag manufacturers today share the manufacturing process of sandbags:

Although the name of the sandbag is called sandbag, but you must remember not to use sand, it will break your wrist a hundred times. The leather material is the best, and it is fine to use thick and strong canvas, but be careful to wear gloves when practicing, otherwise it will break the skin. The best filler is rubber granules. For simple ones, you can use cotton, mane, and straw. All are known. The texture should be soft and have a certain weight. If the weight is not enough, it will sway left and right. For heavy objects, it is important to note that it is fixed on the ceiling or the wall of the Taoist.
The first step is to sew the bag, first make a conical shape, then add a bottom, and then turn the back of the bag back so that the edges are inside and it is not easy to scratch.
The second part is filled with filler, sealed after installation, and then four sturdy iron rings on the top seam of the sandbag are used for fixing to the wall.

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