Hand sanitizer is one of the most important tools we have in combatting the Covid 19 pandemic. However, many people aren’t entirely sure about when they should be using hand sanitizer for the best results. Indeed, hand sanitizer can cause your hands to get incredibly dry and painful if used too frequently, which may open up your skin to infections, so balancing the need to sanitize your hands with protecting your skin’s strength is important. Fortunately, though, as a GMP provider and regulatory affairs certification provider, we are on hand to help you learn when you should be using hand sanitizer for the best results to keep everyone safe and well.


Why Hand Sanitizing is Important

Hand sanitizing is significant during the Covid 19 pandemic for a multitude of different reasons. Importantly, it protects you and your loved ones from pathogens that might be lingering on your skin after a trip out to the store. Still, it also serves to protect other people from getting any illnesses that you, yourself, might be carrying. For example, in the case of Covid, infectious particles can sit on the surface of your skin and can easily be transferred to other characters – for example, a shopping basket handle – which can then go on to infect other people (and vice versa, these could go on to infect you).


When You Should Sanitize Your Hands

Clearly, then, hand sanitizing is important. But when should you use hand sanitizer? There are a few simple rules to follow to remain safe in this aspect:

  1. Before entering a shopping facility or public area, by sanitizing your hands before joining a shopping facility or general area, you will help limit the spread of the disease. This isn’t just if you have the disease, too; you might be completely healthy but still have Covid pathogens on the surface of your skin, and these could be transferred to others.
  2. After leaving a shopping facility or public area! Once you are done with your trip out, you must sanitize your hands at the first possible opportunity, preferably before touching anything, such as your vehicle’s steering wheel or door! This will help to kill off any pathogens that you may have accidentally picked up while in the store or area, thereby lessening the chances of taking any pathogens home to your family.