The characteristics of high-quality inkjet cloth are as follows:

  1. Strong luster: Use light cloth with poor luster, the picture will not only fade but also change color.
  2. Good ink absorption performance: The ink absorption performance directly determines the color and saturation of the picture and the color shelf life.
  3. Excellent splicing performance: Light cloth with poor splicing performance is not only unsafe, but also affects the overall effect of the picture.
  4. Good surface self-cleaning: Because the cloth absorbs a lot of dust and impurities, the screen becomes very dirty and affects the effect.
  5. After anti-mildew treatment: the surface of the light cloth has begun to mold, which not only affects the effect of the picture, but also affects the audience's experience.

These excellent characteristics, image expressiveness and wide application of inkjet cloth determine that it will continue to be the main application material of digital inkjet cloth, which is also the reason why it is deeply loved by the inkjet cloth industry and advertisers.

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