Use of Banarasi fabric is popular not just in Indian culture and Bollywood, but Hollywood beauties and industry is equally fascinated by its texture and glam. 

Banarasi fabric has been the pride of India for many years now! Be it the gorgeous ethnic look it brings to the outfit or the classy elegance it adds to your look, banarasi fabric will always be one the most beautiful fabric from Indian origin. This stunning fabric is considered to be the regal fabric of India. Apart from Indians, almost everyone around the globe is in love with the beautiful texture and ravishing look of this fabric.


Being one of the most celebrated fabric from India, Banarasi sarees and Banarasi dupattas have been used by many well known public figures from around the globe. Starting from Halle Berry, Jessica Alba to Angelina Jolie, many of them have relished this stunning fabric. Be it Hollywood stars or movies; no one is lagging behind in the race of embracing banarasi fabric. Today in our blog, know about the times when Hollywood beauties went gaga over Banarasi fabric

Here are some of the best use of Banarasi fabrics by  Hollywood beauties:

Angelina Jolie

One of the major fans of Indian culture and Banarasi fabric is this stunning Hollywood Diva,Angelina Jolie. She has not only carried some of the most stunning banarasi fabrics with poise and panache but also has given it an all-new meaning through her excellent acting skills. She can be seen wearing Banarasi fabric in her movies like Gia, Lara Croft, Challenging, Alexander, Maleficent, and more.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is another Hollywood beauty who can also be seen in some stunning Banarasi fabric in movies like Mask, Vanilla Sky, Charlie’s Angels, The Holiday, and more. As beautiful as she is, she has brought a glow to her gorgeous outfits. Apart from the movies, Cameron also loves to use these fabric and designs for her styles.

Lady Gaga

The Fame Monster, Joanne, Artpop, The Remix, etc. are some of the movies in which Lady Gaga can also be seen flaunting her Indian banarasi look. Following the trend of this beautiful Banarasi fabric, she has also chosen some of the enticing fabric to compliment her looks.

Game of Thrones

This list is really incomplete without mentioning the beautiful showcase of Banarasi fabric in the costumes of Game of Thrones. Be it Prince Joffrey’s marvelous outfit to queen of Drone’s gown; every single outfit was an epitome of class and beauty. The beautiful costumes were designed with various Banarasi fabric and designs and fabric.

Did you know a very interesting fact that Banarasi Fabric are used for decorations as wallpaper in Hollywood movie sets?

These are some of the best use of Banarasi fabrics in Hollywood and Hollywood beauties.And it makes us proud to see this regal Banarasi fabric in Hollywood.

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