It didn't do rewards but they could easily be revived to RuneScape 2007 gold  fit. 'd have liked to see better execution of dungeons there were several source dungeons but most were pretty forgettable. Could scrap all the weapons and armour imo (or create them temporary fans for inside dung - eg buy an OP weapon that lasts x floors). Would really like to see more roguelike stuff along the lines of Binding of Isaac, maybe in it, therefore theres an rng component to your runs, you could really struggle on several runs with. But once in a while the rng gods bless you with the combos that are perfect, with that gold run and you just decimate everything in the path.

I thought dungeoneering was one of the dumbest additions to RS2 and do not see how it's a good fit for OSRS considering each of the similar content. It never felt as a natural fit and was a job to grind outside to receive a CLS/rapier. It was actually just a mini game that had via leveling the ability, content. Although I thought the miniature game element of it made it much less of a skill that was grinding. You are put into a different dungeon every time with supervisors and a different layout. Your functionality not relied on you but everyone else in your team and how well they worked together. I guess the fact that it actually didn't seem like a skill made it grindy to me personally and more enjoyable.

Way back in the day my dungeoneering leveled together with my clan. It did not even feel like a grind, before EoC came out, without trying, and I ended up using 90. Exactly. My brother did nothing but dungeoneering as soon as it came out before he struck 120. Do not look like grinding a skill at all an experienced team of gamers playing with a mini game that is complex.

Once the dev website was posted there were literally only posts complaining about it. Than reddit would have left it out to be, the results were amazingly longer in favour of death mechanics. Instead, there were plenty of claims saying that anybody who advocated actual death mechanics just did so because they had learnt all of the directors etc and were a few elite minority.It could have been interesting if they conducted that survey with an option of"Make no alterations to death mechanisms," it would have been intriguing to learn how large that band had been, instead of making every option implying that passing changes as buy RS gold  a whole were unavoidable.