In fact, even if we discover things like short scales, we can't stop them, but we can't stop buying things because of choking. It's too irrational. It's actually simple, afraid of short scales? Scale yourself! Bring a portable electronic scale with you. Don't be embarrassed. After all, with rising prices, unscrupulous vegetable vendors have become more enthusiastic about playing "cats and greasy". If we don't learn to protect ourselves, we can only wait to be bullied.

There are many advantages of portable electronic scales. Xiaoyuer will list a few at random: high weighing accuracy, simple and practical, easy to carry, inexpensive, etc., it is really the first choice for family shopping.

Introduction to the function keys of the portable electronic scale:

◆ Power on:

Hang the electronic scale so that it is in a vertical state, press the "ON/OFF" key to turn it on, the display window will display (88888), and after about two seconds, the display window will display (0.00 or 0.000). At this time, the scale is initialized and enters the scale. Heavy state.


When using a container to weigh bulk goods, you can first put the container on the scale, press the "TARE" key, and then load the goods after the weight window shows zero, and then you can get the net weight of the goods.


After turning on the power, the objects are put on, and when the objects hanging on the scale are stable (stop swinging), the weight value of the objects is locked and the lock symbol is displayed. At this time, press the "ON/OFF" key to unlock and weigh again. When weighing, the weight of the added item (including the tare weight) shall not exceed the "maximum weighing + 9d" (10kg: d=5g; 20kg: d=10g). If it exceeds the above value, the overload symbol "Err" will be displayed.

◆Unit conversion:

Press the "UNIT" button, and the electronic scale will switch between the four units of kg (kg), lb (pound), oz (ounce) and jin (jin) in turn (1kg=2.2lb=35oz).


In the weighing state (cannot be shut down under initialization), press the "ON/OFF" key to shut down when it is not locked, and press the "ON/OFF" key to unlock in the locked state, and then press the "ON/OFF" key to shut down; or 90 seconds Without any operation inside, the electronic scale automatically shuts down.

Key points for purchasing a portable electronic scale: Consider whether it meets the accuracy requirements for weighing. If you choose a balance with an accuracy of 0.1 mg or a balance with an accuracy of 0.01 mg, you should not generally say that you want an electronic scale with an accuracy of 1/100,000 or 1/100,000. Because some foreign manufacturers use relative accuracy to measure balances, otherwise buy The electronic scales that came here could not meet our needs.

Hand-held electronics are known as relatively small daily necessities, and there are many unknown brands, but they are still counted as popular brands. For more product information, you can click on the link below: digital luggage scale.