How to control the quality of cap embroidery machines has always been an issue for the company. Today we have summarized the 6 core issues of quality control, and hope to help you.

1. Do not easily determine the process, and do not easily change the determining process.

If there is a quality problem with a hat embroidery machine, it is necessary to find the source, main factor, or main manifestation of the problem. Before the problem is clear, changing the craft easily actually hides the real cause and problem.

2. Process control must have a strong concept of quantification and traceability

The quality of the hat embroidery machine depends on many factors. Try to use data to control and record any details. Failure to control and trace the details of the process will mislead the formulation of corrective and preventive methods.

3. Be patient when solving problems

If you find an abnormal situation, don't ignore it because it is not related to the problem you solve. When you can't find the cause and rules, you can control and standardize the influencing factors of the analysis, summarize the previous experience and rules and practice again.

4. To establish a preventive thinking

The high level of quality management for hat embroidery machines is prevention, not remedy. Any quality problem has precursors before it appears. It is very important to master methods and use the experience to monitor and identify. When the same quality problem occurs repeatedly, it should be taken seriously.

5. Quality control requires management thinking

The quality of the hat embroidery machine is processed, and the direct manufacturer is not managed, and the quality can never be stable. Therefore, we must observe, pay attention to and study the embodiment and status of the direct manufacturer of the hat embroidery machine, and manage and adjust these embodiments and status. And continue to improve.

6. Listen to more opinions and suggestions

But they, especially the direct manufacturers of hat embroidery machines, can give us many tips and reminders; you should try and experiment with the suggestions given by others.

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