The entry area of "World of Warcraft: The Land of Shadows" is designed for new players. Novice gamers must choose the first character to play. At present, World of Warcraft is to introduce the game to players in an easy understand way, the purpose is to let players enter the game better. Now the Alliance version can be tested on Alpha. We have already played.

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The story of Exile’s Reach is pretty straightforward, if a touch boring and repetitive now and then. An expedition from your faction has disappeared without a trace, and you’re a part of the new expedition that has been sent resolutely investigate. Spoiler alert: You’re successful.

The entire questline takes place on a little island — Exile’s Reach — Which is good because it means the story is neatly contained. For a questline that aims specifically to be generic in order that it’s ready to work for any character, it still manages to introduce the player to driving characters and situations to stay you engaged — for the foremost part.

Your time on the island ends with a two-boss dungeon, which may be completed solo, but that isn’t the tip of the starting experience itself. You’re transported to your faction’s major city, where you learn some extra quality-of-life skills before you finally attend a gathering along with your faction leader. Then you’re launched straight into the start of Battle for Azeroth. Something that might are impossible before.

Shadowlands has brought with it massive changes to World of Warcraft leveling. First, there’s been level squish, with the utmost level being 60 rather than 120. Second, players are now ready to choose where to level up, while previously each set of levels was locked to an expansion. Now, after you leave Exile’s Reach, you must be about level 10. Levels 10-50 are often spent in any previous expansion of your choice, with Shadowlands unlocking at level 50.

At the instant, Exile’s Reach just about directs you straight into Battle for Azeroth, causing many to say it’s set right at the start of that expansion. But the story itself isn't tied into the Battle for Azeroth narrative the way the story of something just like the Goblin starting area is so specifically from Cataclysm.

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In fact, if you want to get the news that guides you into the BFA, you have to complete the mission of the island and return to your main city. However, this possibility also exists. After the new expansion of World of Warcraft, Exile's Reach will take you directly into the Shadowlands.