Sometimes selling your precious metal gold leads you to a lot of hassles. The cash you get for your gold at times results in dissatisfaction and tends to be less as compared to your expectations. People are required to monetise their gold jewellery at the time crisis. But the cash they get against their gold holdings hardly gives satisfaction to them as they often lack ideas about where to sell gold. So in order to avoid such problems in future we should know some basic things before selling gold for cash.

Get quotes from different gold buyers

At first you should search online about the gold buyers of your locality. In this process you will get some names popping up on the search page. Do visit their website to know more about them and read the reviews that the customers have written there. Now you will get some idea about the first step of selling gold for cash. You should not get the quotes over phone as this will lead to further hassles. Visiting the gold buying outlets personally will make you get the best cash for gold. After getting few quotes you can now choose the one who offers you the best cash on gold.

Check the purity of your gold

Before selling your gold for cash, make sure you go for the purity check at the particular gold buying outlet. Getting your precious metal hallmark checked will definitely assure you the best cash on gold. Jewellery having a 916 hallmark ensures 91.6% purity of gold for 22 carat gold. If your jewellery is not hallmarked then you can go for the carat check metre.

Sell your gold at the right time

If you want to sell your gold in India then wait for the right time to come. In our country we notice a price rise in gold at the time of festivals and of course in marriage season. People usually buy gold jewellery in these two occasions. So this is the time you can get the best cash on gold jewellery that you want to sell.

Where to sell the gold?

Sometimes people end up in finding a wrong gold buying outlet where they don’t get the desired cash against their precious metal. As a result a huge percentage is deducted from the gold jewellery in the name of purity. So finding one genuine buyer is a matter of worry these days. If you are searching for the best gold buyers in Delhi then you are at the right place. At our outlet Jewels Planet we aim at maintaining honesty and 100% transparency with our customers.

We are serving our customers for the last few years and are able to establish ourselves as one of the trusted and best gold buyers in Delhi. We do all the quality check and purity check right in front of the customers under the supervision of our trained staffs. Hence the customers are assured of getting best cash for their gold. We provide instant Cash/Cheque/IMPS/RTGS as per the customer’s request. If you are wondering about where to sell gold in Delhi then we have the right solution for you.