So they proceed. And you receive the wow classic gold threads here. If they like a match, the developer and/or publisher are doing good. The developer/or writer is evil and incompetent, if they don't like it. It is always an incredibly superficial look at things with no real understanding on how things work or some real details about what happens in these companies.Forgot to mention the amazingly biased view people normally have also.

Oh, man, I had been thinking the same thing as I read through this thread. Felt like deja vu watching ATVI as the boogyman setting down the devs of your game. Yeah, there is no denying that Activision is shit, it is a video game publishing megacorp, what do you anticipate? However, the game's absolutely horrible management, community, and reaction to fuckups - thats on the back part of the people running WOW Classic.

Nah, I had been involved in the WOW Classic beta back prior to WOW Classic was started back the amount cap was 39 and when there was just 1 beta host. Is a difference in customer service from back today and then. 

Sure, it's a for profit company but even if it had been popular and they had been adding new servers left and right for the rush of WOW players in launch, it was excruciating. You used to be able to acquire an unintentionally deleted character or item back should you sent in a ticket (after some time that was restricted to a certain number of times a year).

You used to get'unstuck' instead of having to be buy gold wow classic eu instakilled through the port and waste your hearth, in case you were stuck in a GM. There were a great deal of'participant forward' principles about GM interaction which are gone.