EA and the "Madden 21" team announced the third and final update of the game's franchise model, because the franchise model will continue to develop and build a game model that is loved by fans in the community.

The official description of the upcoming update was released on Wednesday, detailing how "Madden 21" can improve the value of players, Madden 21 Coins, etc. They have been seeking feedback from the community and how to trade NFL players to inspire future in-game trading.

In addition to updating the details, Madden NFL executive producer Sean Graddy also released a video introducing the course of the franchise model in the game and the future of Madden 22.

DEV Note: For existing franchises, only data for the current season and beyond will be provided. If you are in year 4, there will be no data for year 1, year 2 and year 3. For new franchises (after this update), the alliance will be tracked every year. We want to make sure to get this feature because we plan to build it in the future.

In many cases, we use the reported community issues with the highest transaction value as direct inspiration to design and implement methods to solve these issues, so that Madden NFL 21 will undergo tangible changes and serve as the basis for our future adjustments. We can and will better adjust our core system to better reflect a more realistic player mobile experience in the future.

Regarding the establishment of your roster, our new adjustment is also a shift in the direction of a "reciprocal" approach to bring high-value players closer to what we see, which is based on the continuous changes in the perception of "realistic" transactions over the years Fundamentally speaking, Buy Madden 21 Coins means that for users who trade stars, this will include high-value players, draft picks, or both; on the other hand, trading players have to leave.