Every novice poker player is confronted with a huge array of different terms and jargon.

It is impossible to know everything and that is why it is necessary to update your knowledge. This can easily be done with the help of https://www.pekarstas.com/pro-deals/

One such slang term is "regular." What this poker player is and what his features are, you can find out in this article.

Who are the regulars in poker

There are two main types of players at the tables: 

                                  1)recreational poker players. 

                                  2) Regulators (short for "registers").

 The former can be beginners or middling players, while the latter are strong opponents who have a decent track record.

In total, a regular poker player can spend from 180 to 200 hours a month playing up to 500,000 hands!

However, there are some players who appear frequently at the same tables, but show a mediocre level of poker.

They are popularly called weak-plus or even minus registers. Often, such comrades are held at the expense of rakeback.

Distinctive qualities of the regs

As we have already said, the regulars are regular players on the selected limit.

Another distinctive feature of such poker players is multitabling - playing on several tables simultaneously. In the poker community such people are also called grinders who pull up to 20 tables at once.

Due to the fact that they generate a huge amount of rake, it is not difficult for them to get VIP status in the loyalty program.

This factor allows them to have a good rakeback percentage.

Of course, the quality of play becomes weaker and weaker on a large number of tables, but it's the rakeback that provides grinders with a steady profit.

A professional regular is known for his flawless play and polished strategy.

As a rule, such people rarely fall under the influence of tilt. It is not unimportant that regulars can play poker equally effectively and profitably with both downswing and upswing.