The Pokemon 25th anniversary festivities have already been going strong now, and fans happen to be given a lot of reasons to celebrate. Years of rumors and speculation were finally put to rest in late February when remakes for Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl were announced. The celebration hasn't just been with the video game world either, as fans from the Pokemon Trading Card Game experienced the opportunity to collect special 25th-anniversary cards from McDonald's Happy Meals.

These cards are actually taking the fanbase by storm ever since the promotion launched a few months ago, with many different collectors grabbing up as many rare Shiny Pokemon McDonald's cards as they can be in order to sell them to get a profit.

Longtime fans with the series aren't any stranger to the telltale fast food collaborations, as The Pokemon Company has run numerous other promotions since the 90s. Not all of these limited-time offers are already created equal, with lackluster toys and unexciting cards comprising a decent area of them, but there are actually others that caused almost as much noise because of the current McDonald's one.

The earliest Pokemon takeaway food collaboration put a smaller focus on the card game and even more of a concentrate on toys for this property. The promotion that KFC ran in 1998 gave out a variety of different playthings featuring its kids' meals, everybody pretty unique from your rest. Therefore many players Buy Shiny Pokemon to get these cards. One with the standout toys featured in this particular promotion was an Ivysaur water squirter that, in retrospect, looks like an odd choice for the Grass-type Pokemon. There were five other toys included in this particular promotion, and they also ranged from puzzle blocks to temporary tattoos.

In addition to the variety of toys, KFC also offered a few Pokemon beanbags that featured various Gen 1 Pokemon like Dratini, Vulpix, Seel, and Zubat. These beanbags were sold separately from any meals in the restaurant, everybody having a $5 price. It's likely that these people were meant to take advantage of the Beanie Babies craze that took the entire world by storm within the 90s, nevertheless, the beanbags would show to be much less popular versus the Pokemon toys which were available at no additional cost.