A Reddit user by the FIFA Mobile Coins title of"RusskiePotato" has published a basic interactive map app that pinpoints lots of the buildings and plenty of other objects of curiosity to be found in the region of Appalachia. You may locate the map here.

First things initially, the fashionable clothing like outfits and hats do not offer any defensive bonuses. You are better off equipping body armour or finding among those Power Armor places concealed in Appalachia, if you would like to stop damage. Gas masks on the other hand do supply a tiny incentive. If you want more details head to our FIFA Mobile Coins weapons manual, and here are our tips for FIFA Mobile Coins armour.

Since armour and weapons can break, you will sometimes have to repair them. This can be achieved at any workbenches in Appalachia, either in your CAMP or at different locations. If a piece of equipment should become broken, it will not disappear from your stock, but you won't be able to equip it.

More on people within our Cheap FIFA Coins CAMP guide.One of the strangest things I found while enjoying was that although some weapons are precisely the exact same regarding their mod equips, degree of weapon, and overall evaluation; their highest possible condition will vary radically from weapon to weapon. So just because you have two guns that otherwise are exactly the same, switching between you and the other will reveal that one has better condition potential, making it the easier choice to scrap another and enhance the better weapon.