If my country's die-casting industry wants to develop better, it needs to be improved in all aspects such as product quality or its services. Therefore, many China die casting factory have begun to pay attention to quality control, but even so, there are still many problems, such as lack of material for castings. Let's take a look together.

Die-casting mold: (1) The design of aluminum alloy die-casting parts should make the wall thickness uniform and ensure uniform shrinkage. (2) The cooling and heating system of the die-casting mold must ensure that the temperature of each part is consistent. (3) The gating system must be unobstructed and the resistance must not be too large. For example, the size of the main runner, runner, and gate must be appropriate, the smoothness must be sufficient, and the transition zone must be arc-transitioned. (4) For thin parts, the temperature should be increased to ensure the smoothness of the material. For thick-walled aluminum alloy die-casting parts, the mold temperature should be lowered. (5) Gates should be opened symmetrically and should be opened in thick-walled parts of aluminum alloy die castings as much as possible, and the volume of the cold slug well should be increased.

Making die castings has never been done overnight. If you want to do aluminum die casting , you need to sink your heart, make it patiently, and slowly accumulate.