A lot of people study in different countries.

This broadens the horizons, makes life more interesting and varied. In addition, it will give the opportunity to stay in the country that you liked. However, you must also have documents that confirm the residence and it is easy to make a utility bill template.


For admission you should take language courses beforehand or already know the basic level. Since you can apply to universities without a language certificate, you need to learn the language beforehand, because there is no official preparatory year in universities.

French and German education

Upon admission, among other necessary documents, you will be asked for language certificates.

Education in these countries is free and has its own special system of education. A lot of people get into the French or German universities immediately after work under the AuPair program.

Czech Republic

You have to take entrance exams in Czech to enter a university. This is probably the only disadvantage of this educational system.

But it is also free education and many opportunities for development. After receiving a Czech degree, many students go on to Germany for their Master's degree.

Latvia, Poland, Lithuania

Education in the Baltics is rather inexpensive. In Latvia you can even find programs in Russian. In Poland the education system is free, but it is taught only in Polish.

The Baltic States, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary are places with an international grading system, which will serve as a small "jumping-off point".

According to calculations, student life in Poland will cost about 2-2.5 thousand euros, and in Latvia and Lithuania - 1.5 thousand euros.