The AI is always set to Smother Off-Ball Stress my defenders are literally hanging off my arm like a clingy date. This makes driving for buy nba 2k20 mt layups way and makes getting open for shots. I'm a Playmaking Sharpshooter I have no business being a Slasher but that's what MyPlayer has become since it is unbelievably easy to cut past defenders and put up 40 points in a single match in the paint. Yet scoring from external is only possible on cause defenders NEVER sag you off.

And the Double Team setting is broken. Game begins, I put up 10 points and they double team for the whole game. Even if we are up by 30 points with 6 seconds left in the end of NBA 2K and I am only hoping to hold the ball to run the clock to finish NBA 2K... they double team me still as if I'm trying to score? Realism seems like it has been completely thrown in the trash. The AI looks like it was developed to make things harder for the shooting badge grinders that don't take care of NBA Career and only use it to boost badges for Rec/Park by chucking up shots all game. Don't punish the few people who really enjoy NBA Career still and wish to play the way their personality was built. It's like we are not allowed to have fun.

Player pictures will need to be upgraded on the roll up menu. The players possess a computer film. In that picture you can see Kawhi Leonard and Paul George have not had their image updated like others have experienced here. So full NBA roster needs to be updated like Al Horford and Richardson have had. Not certain why it's only been complete. Together with those special images, we require. For instance here you can see despite playing for the Brooklyn Nets, Kyrie Irving still has his Boston Celtics picture.

You can also see his computer animated film there as below. This should be upgraded as all teams have had their websites day and have all played games so there should be no excuse to upload and get the new pictures to NBA 2K. Otherwise it seems as though we are still currently playing with with 2K19. Every year it has been upgraded a couple weeks following the launch of NBA 2K so not certain why it's taken so long.

That's understandable and I don't blame you. However there are groups of 5 playing in pro'm in the US and also the wait times shouldn't have an impact on them as a result of bulk population playing. They simply suck as a team and want to get wins against people who've never played. Part of your problem is that you are in Australia and I am convinced the 2K population is not as large.We certainly would really like to play ace am, but we sometimes come across the 98 ovr team operating zone and we have to place the sweatbands on, other than that it's actually just us wanting to cheap mt nba 2k20 get fun. With this 2K league thing happening it has certainly gotten much much worse though.