From ancient human civilization, people believed in Vastu, and whenever they looked for a home or shop, they always checked everything according to the Vastu approach. Ancient human civilization has many different approaches to vastu homes and usually each religion follows its own vastu approaches.

It is believed that choosing a home according to vastu and living in it can provide you with a healthy and wealthy life. Due to this, even the builders construct homes according to vastu so that the buyer can get what they want. Whenever someone buys a property, the first thing that they look for is the right vastu, which includes the direction of the main door of the house, the kitchen, and the bedroom in which they are going to live. 

Some of the approaches to removing negativity, as per Vastu

  • Apart from the doors and direction of the kitchen, other things are also considered as per the vastu approach.
  • Placing some god idols and pictures in living rooms and bedrooms can reduce the negativity of the home.
  • When going according to the vastu, then the north-west and south-east spaces must be equal.
  • All the top residential projects in Surat are made according to Vastu to give you the right hime structure.
  • Windows in the north and east will give you a better flow of air. 
  • Planting big trees towards the South-west must also be helpful.
  • Always keep the main door larger than other doors, especially the exit door of the home.
  • The foundation of the home must be laid down from the north-east direction.
  • Water is equivalent to money and prosperity, so always put the storage of water in the right place. 

Hence, to attract positive energy, you need to maintain your house in the right way through vastu. The nuclear 2bhk flats in Surat and the big 5 bhk flats in Surat all made with the correct vastu approach.


Not only Homes but every property includes Vastu

People always believed that whether you buy a house or go for shops and other properties, all you needed to do was to look for the vastu approach. The new real estate project in Surat and also the older ones are made according to Vastu so that the property owners can buy their desired property in the right way.

It is thought that picking a residence based on vastu and residing in it can give you a long and prosperous life. Because of this, even home builders build houses using vastu principles to ensure that the buyer gets what they desire. The first thing everyone looks for when purchasing a property is the correct vastu, which comprises the orientation of the front door, the kitchen, and the bedroom where they would be residing.

There are many business men and huge entrepreneurs in Surat with huge empires yet they also believe in Vastu before investing their money in any real estate market. All the top builders in Surat see to it that the projects are made in the most convenient way so that the investor does not hesitate while buying it.



Vastu shastra has always been a great concern while buying real estate properties and they are a reason behind your happy living. Everyone has different beliefs and concerns regarding vastu but they do follow it whenever they buy a home or other properties. Many of them even take an expert with them while buying the property.