Measuring electricity bills with secondary prepaid electricity meters is an excellent way for property investors, landlords and leasing agents to avoid the risk that tenants must pay electricity bills when they do not pay.

However, live feedback showed that prepaid electricity meters have other benefits. Customers who have installed prepaid electricity meters in their rental units tell us that one of the interesting benefits of using prepaid electricity meters is that they directly reduce the tenant's turnover.

 Wheller said of his experience with electricity meters: "When I installed a prepaid electricity meter, it was to reduce the risk. The electricity meter achieved this goal. Then, over time, I found that the number of electricity disputes has been completely eliminated As disputes decrease, our tenants are more satisfied with our services. Soon after, we noticed that more tenants are renewing their contracts. Usually, most tenants will not renew their leases. I am convinced that the relationship is improved because of prepayment Electricity meters, so this is one of the main reasons for more tenants to renew their leases. "

Establishing a good tenant base is a key factor for real estate investors and leasing agents. They want to keep tenants as long as possible. The more good tenants an investor or leasing agent owns, the longer they retain as tenants, and the more profitable their "buy and sell lease" or "lease" business. The cost of advertising and reviewing the tenant is one of the main costs of chewing on the profits made during the rental period. If the tenant turnover rate of the rental unit is high, these expenses must be amortized frequently during the term of each lease agreement. There is reason to believe that if the landlord and leasing agent can reduce the occupancy of tenants, they will reduce the cost of marketing and review, and the total profit of the rental lease will increase.

Field studies conducted by professionals have shown that tenants living in rental units equipped with prepaid electricity meters are usually satisfied with the financial arrangements for electricity bills. The main benefit of tenant reporting is that, thanks to an electricity meter, they can accurately monitor the amount of electricity they consume. Tenants also pointed out that they like to know how much they have paid in advance, without having to worry about receiving large electricity bills at the end of the month.

Tenants who use prepaid electricity meters also praised the convenience of electricity meters. Mavis Mteto rented an apartment in Joubert Park and said the water meter installed by her landlord: "Since the water meter, we know how much water we use. When the water meter is completed, we do n’t go to the store Credit. I want to pay the owner through mobile banking, and then send SMS at any time to get the phone number. "

The convenience is attributed to the fact that the prepaid electricity meter provides both billing and vending functions in one unit. In the case that some prepaid billing systems only provide billing solutions, some prepaid billing systems combine billing and vending functions. The advantage of this is that the automatic vending of credit tokens is an indispensable function of electricity meters. The disadvantage of using a meter that only provides a metering solution is that the tenant must use a swipe card system and must visit the store to obtain additional credit lines. This may cause inconvenience to tenants. Cards are damaged, lost, and tenants often forget to purchase additional credit before consuming current credit.

Prepaid electricity meters with vending solutions are simple and effective, and very convenient for landlords and tenants. Tenants use the Internet or telephone banking services to pay electricity bills to the landlord's bank account. The landlord credits the amount paid to the tenant meter. Tenants then use their mobile phones to send SMS to request a 20-digit credit token. In this way, you can easily buy power credits in the office or at home.


Tenants can request credit tokens up to the credit limit allocated by their landlord to the prepaid electricity meter. You can use SMS technology to request a credit token at any time of the day or night. For example, if a tenant deposits an electricity fee of R200.00 to the landlord, the tenant can obtain a 20-digit R200 or lower-value credit token. If a tenant requires a 20-digit credit token of R100.00, the tenant will still have a credit balance of R100.00. It can be requested at any time by another SMS request that sends a new credit token. Therefore, if the current credit token value is consumed when watching a football match at 7 pm, then all the tenant needs to do is request another credit token and immediately restore power consumption. No need to leave the house and miss the game. Restore power in less than 2 minutes.

This level of control, flexibility and convenience is due to the integrity of the vending function that comes with all prepaid meters. It avoids the dissatisfaction caused by having to use a prepaid electricity meter solution on behalf of the tenant. With these benefits and control, the tenant can take control, but the landlord is protected. Reduced disputes during the lease period and improved the relationship between tenants and their landlords. As the field experience shows, the improved relationship has had a positive impact on landlords and tenants, leading to more tenants renewing their lease agreements.


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