The electric paint sprayer is a special painting equipment that uses spraying technology. By controlling the air flow, the air distribution reversing device can be reversed instantly, so that the piston of the air motor can make stable and continuous reciprocating motion. It is suitable for leather handbags, gift packaging, and furniture. , Footwear, automobile manufacturing and other industries.

Spraying machines are mainly divided into air spraying machines, high-pressure airless spraying machines, air-assisted airless spraying equipment, low-flow medium-pressure spraying equipment, airless spraying machines, high-efficiency low-pressure spraying machines and electrostatic spraying machines. Because it has many advantages, the application space is broad. The quality of the paint film is good, the coating is smooth and delicate, no brush marks, high painting efficiency, good adhesion, long coating life, uniform paint film thickness, high paint utilization, easy to reach corners and gaps. In addition, high-viscosity paints can also be sprayed, while hand brushing, air spraying, etc. are only suitable for low-viscosity paints.

After years of development, the production and manufacturing technology of spraying machines in my country has gradually matured, gradually replacing the traditional manual coating method, and being used by more and more industries. With the continuous improvement of spraying requirements in all walks of life, the industry is constantly innovating and urging the industry to develop towards a fully automatic and wireless line of defense.

Fully automatic and wireless is the future development trend of spraying machines in our country. The automatic spraying machine can freely set the spraying position, distance and speed. While ensuring the spraying quality, it can meet the outline of the horizontal plane and side of the different objects. It has the characteristics of compact structure, high efficiency, good spraying quality, and easy operation. The wireless spraying machine is because my country began to manufacture and export ships. According to international standards, ships are not allowed to use manual air spraying. Airless sprayers must be used, which makes the application and management of airless sprayer coating technology and equipment in my country. It has stepped up, and is continuously upgraded as the needs of ships and other industries increase.

As the market puts forward higher and higher requirements for industrial products and subsistence products, the demand for high-precision and fully automatic equipment is also increasing, and spraying machines will also develop in the direction of fully automatic and wireless in the future. Relevant enterprises should follow the trend of industry development, continue to accelerate their own development, update products, and strive to meet the requirements of various industries.

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