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Speed humps

Economy Rubber Speed Bumps by Unimat are made with quality materials to control traffic in parking lots, schools, roadways, and more. These speed bumps lock together to create a smooth surface for drivers. Unimat also offers speed bumpers and cable protectors to increase safety. There are many different types of Unimat speed humps. Choose one that's right for your parking lot. There's an economy speed humps available for most applications.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose from 2 and 3-foot-wide speed humps. These products are better suited for local roads, where vehicles can safely maintain speeds between 15 and 20 miles per hour. Because they're modular, you can install them as often as needed. Unimat traffic USA is an authorized speed humps dealer and will be happy to work with you on the installation of speed humps in your area.

Unimat speed humps have molded-in cat eye reflectors and bright, yellow EPDM rubber. When drivers drive over the humps, they're stopped at 5 MPH. The bumps are also great for school zones and residential areas. The humps will slow traffic down for people crossing the street. They can also be installed on the other side of the street for safe crossing. And they're easy to move around and take apart, so you won't lose much time moving them.

Unimat speed humps are available in different profiles, heights, and travel distances. They're usually placed in a series to help maintain the speed reduction for a long corridor. The lengths of each unit range from three to twenty feet. This means you can customize the length of your speed bump according to your needs. And you can choose from an economy speed humps that weighs 48 lbs. And you can even have it customized for a longer or shorter corridor.

Unimat speed humps can be used anywhere, from parking lots to roads and other areas. They can also be used in private lanes, as they slow traffic. Generally, these bumps are three feet high and three feet wide. The height is similar, and the slope is gradual. They can be placed in asphalt or concrete, and are often installed in pairs. Their purpose is to slow traffic and prevent accidents. It can also be used in residential areas and places where pedestrian traffic is prevalent.

Rubber parking blocks

These recycled rubber parking curbs are a great way to add safety to a parking lot. They are made from recycled rubber and feature molded-in reflective strips to increase visibility. The low-profile curbs are perfect for parking lots and are made to fit any area. They also don't damage low-front vehicles. They are a perfect option for municipalities, retail parking lots, and other large parking areas. The recycled rubber makes them eco-friendly and durable.

Park-It Rubber Parking Blocks are made of flexible rubber that lays flat on uneven surfaces, making it easy for cars to navigate. Because of their low front end, these blocks are 90% lighter than standard concrete parking blocks. And because of their flexible design, they don't damage low-front-end cars. These blocks are also easier to move around than standard concrete blocks and are highly visible to drivers. If you're looking to install parking spaces that are easily accessible for disabled individuals or the elderly, you should consider installing rubber parking blocks.

When paired with the Unimat sanitizing floor mat, these curbs will keep your parking area clean and safe from dirt, mud, and grime. These curbs are 72" in diameter and weigh 36 lbs. They're the perfect solution for parking lots that are not flat and may not have the same level. To mount them, you can use four types of mounting hardware. Some are mounted with eight-inch galvanized steel spikes, while others are mounted with 12" lag bolts. The 'TapCons' can be attached to the curbs.

A parking bumper is useful in a variety of settings. They serve as a visual reminder to drivers approaching an edge. They also prevent cars from going beyond the parking space. But they're not only good for commercial parking lots. You can also use them in residential areas, such as on your driveway or on a sidewalk. Rubber parking bumpers won't damage a car's tires. They also help reduce accidents and keep your parking lot neat and organized.