You might feel compelled to add decor elements that are clearly indicative of children's choices and nature to their rooms. Kids adore having artistic décor that reflects their interests and likings in their rooms. The DIY nameplate not only serves as a decorative identity but also enhances the charm of the interior. 

Whether you are seeking a personalized night lamp or kids room wall clock, everything in the kids’ room enhances the value of decor. But, one thing is most fascinating about personalized kids room nameplates. With this decor, a positive vibe permeates the entire space. You can feel the peace and abundance that will help to relax the mood and mind of your kids. If you want to buy stylish decor to enhance the charm of the kids’ room or want to get the return birthday presents, get the personalized kids room nameplate bases. 

Here, we'll go over a comprehensive list of elements to consider before making a nameplate purchase for a child's room. Furthermore, we will also discuss the detailed steps to customize the ready-to-paint kids room nameplate.

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Kids' Nameplates: Variety and Types:

If you are familiar with kid-friendly interior design, pick a nameplate design for kids that will appeal to your child's tastes and look great in their room. Before buying something for any little one, consider where you will install the product and how it will be used.

The best thing about a kids' nameplate is that it allows the kids to work on the surface seamlessly without having to ask them to use much creativity. Just by looking at the textures, themes, font size and style, and other components assembled on the base, kids will get up to make their own nameplates.

These nameplates are made of MDF and Birchwood material. You can paint the surface smoothly with acrylic paints thanks to its laser-cut, unpolished surface. Acrylic paint is the best suit for this surface.

Let us customize the Ready to Paint DIY Personalized kids room nameplate.

Materials You will require to make a DIY nameplate:

  • MDF Kids’ room name plate base ( among the hundreds of options, choose your best suit for the kids’ room decor)
  • Protective plastic sheet
  • Gesso
  • Acrylic colors
  • Painting brushes & palette
  • Varnish
  • Fevicol

Note: Here, In this guide, we are using an animal theme personalized Kids room nameplate.

Steps to Customization:

  • Place the Protective sheet on the surface

Before working on any artwork, make sure to secure the tabletop or any working surface properly with plastic sheets or newspaper. This will retain the base with stains and spills of colors.

Now, organize the artwork surface with all the customization essentials and keep them in your reach.

  • Coat the bases with Gesso

Now, start coating the complete children's bedroom door name plates with Gesso. Gesso is the primer to the base that is well known to form a good grip on acrylic colors. You can get the gesso from any nearby store or online market. In case, you don’t have gesso with you, you can use the acrylic white colour as the essential primer for the base.

  • Start painting the base and embellishments with acrylic colors.

As we are working on the animal theme baby nameplate, you will get the MDF small embellishments of animals, name cutouts, and leaves separately with the base. This makes it easy for you to paint the enriching colors smoothly and comfortably.

Now, start painting the acrylic colors with the help of accurate brushes as per the theme and figures of the nameplate embellishments. While painting the colors, make sure to use thin line brushes to add values and detailing to the bases if needed.

  • Let the base dry for a few hours

Paint each corner perfectly with acrylic colors and keep them aside to dry. Though acrylic colors are easy-to-dry in a few minutes it is good to leave the base for a few hours. As a result, the colors will completely settle to the nameplate and this will prevent the markings and fingerprints on the colors.

  • Brush the varnish to the base

Start using a painting brush to apply the coat of varnish once the color has dried completely to the base. In order to complete the MDF base and acrylic colors, the varnish is a crucial component. By doing so, you can reduce the effect of acrylic colors' stickiness while also enhancing the shine and luster surface of the base.

  • Stick the other small embellishments to the base

Your creative work is now complete, and you can move on to organizing and installing the work. With the aid of Fevicol or wooden glue, attach the value-adding components and charming name cutout fonts to the simple round nameplate base. The glue will finish drying in a short while, and your personalized kids' room nameplate will be ready to hang on the wall.

Precautions to undertake to Maintain the Personalized Kids room nameplate:

Kids' room nameplates are made of MDF material that offers smooth and well-finished edges for creative artwork. The key features of a lightweight and captivating base make it the ideal choice for kids’ room decor. But the MDF material is not suitable for water as they are a type of wooden base.

  • So, avoid washing the MDF Kids’ room nameplate in the running tap.
  • Don’t use any strong detergents or sharp elements to clean the nameplate base.
  • Use the damp soft cloth to wipe the DIY nameplates.
Wrapping Up:

When you buy a personalized kids room nameplate, you will get installation features such as a hook or a leather belt attached to the base. Depending on the design of the kids' room, consider the configuration component for the nameplate to decorate the kids' room door walls, cabinets, study tables, or bedside tables.

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