As we all know, metal spraying equipment uses harmful substances such as paint, but the energy consumed is also a very important proportion. In order to reduce the energy consumption of painting equipment and save energy, with the progress of hardware spraying equipment, various energy-saving measures are gradually applied in painting equipment.

The first is the energy-saving measures of the spray booth. The air request for the spray booth is to reach a high degree of cleanliness, the temperature is 20 ~ 23 ℃, and the relative humidity is within the range of 60 ~ 80%. Decorative and low repair rate. The air supply and exhaust system of the spray booth is an important way to achieve the above indicators. The empty installation in the air supply system is an important energy consumer of the spray booth.

In order to save energy as much as possible, the new spray booth has adopted effective energy-saving measures. The third is the energy-saving measures of the drying room, which is the main consumer of thermal energy in the paint shop. In order to save drying heat energy, in the advanced paint shop, the drying room has been gradually transformed, and new energy-saving technologies have been adopted.

In the newly built hardware spraying equipment in recent years, new air has been added to the intermediate coating and topcoat drying rooms, and it has also tended to be provided by the exhaust air discharged from the rear cool drying area of ​​the intermediate coating and topcoat drying rooms. This method not only disposes of local waste air, reduces environmental pollution, but also reduces the heat consumption of the factory ventilation system in winter, and achieves the purpose of saving energy.

Energy conservation and environmental protection are the business we must continue to adhere to, and the problem of reducing environmental pollution is also our continuous improvement. Hardware spraying equipment manufacturers continue to insist on doing so and continue to make a huge contribution to the environment.

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