Due to the advantages of aluminum die casting , there are still many places to use them. Today, let’s talk about Al-Si alloys.

Al-Si alloy has the characteristics of small crystallization temperature interval, large solidification latent heat of silicon phase in the alloy, large specific heat capacity, and relatively small linear shrinkage coefficient. Therefore, its casting performance is generally better than other aluminum alloys. The molding ability is also good, and the tendency of thermal cracking and shrinkage porosity is relatively small. The number of brittle phases (silicon phases) contained in Al-Si eutectic is the least, and the mass fraction is only about 10%. Therefore, its plasticity is better than other aluminum alloy eutectics. The only remaining brittle phases can be further modified by modification. Improve plasticity. The test also shows that the Al-Si eutectic still maintains good plasticity at the temperature near its freezing point, which is not available in other aluminum alloys. A considerable amount of eutectic is often required in the structure of casting alloy to ensure its good casting performance; the increase in the number of eutectics will make the alloy brittle and reduce the mechanical properties. There is a certain contradiction between the two. However, because Al-Si eutectic has good plasticity and can better meet the requirements of both mechanical properties and casting performance, Al-Si alloy is currently the most widely used die-cast aluminum alloy.

In China die casting factory , Al-Si alloy is used in many places to make aluminum die casting.