Diamond cup grinding wheel is a surface grinding tool for all kinds of refractory surfaces. To meet different needs, this tool has different types and specifications. I want to make the diamond cup grinding wheel play its best role. , We are going to learn about the Diamond cup grinding wheel, today we will learn about its ground grinding with different roughness.

For ground grinding with different roughness, we should also choose a more appropriate particle size. Usually, for rough grinding, we should choose a softer carcass and a high-quality grinding wheel. The particle size can be large, such as 16#, 20#, or 30/40# for grinding. Choosing this kind of suitable grinding wheel can increase work efficiency; for fine grinding, we can also call polishing. We can choose hard matrix and fine-grained grinding wheels. Such as 80# -120#, you can also choose other finer particle sizes according to the grinding needs.

When choosing tools such as Diamond cup grinding wheel and Tungsten carbide hole saws , we all need to understand this in advance.