Sometimes, we will find that the in mould labels looks a little bulgy. Why is this so? Facts have proved that the die label bulges due to the drop in viscosity. What causes the viscosity of the die label to drop?

In mould labels are also very common in our life. After purchasing a new product, we will put some price labels on the top or introduce labels. When using it, we usually worry that its viscosity will decrease.

The main reason is: you must first determine the product to be pasted, and different products use different adhesive glue. For example, an adhesive attached to a matte or plastic surface requires an adhesive material, and a tire adhesive material is applied to the tire. If it is applied to other common articles, an adhesive is used.

In addition to the scope of use, the storage of in mould labels is also very important, which will also affect its viscosity. If the label is exposed to sunlight or moisture for a long time, its viscosity will be reduced.

There are many factors that affect the stickiness of the in mould labels. In addition to the storage environment, some problems should be paid attention to when using.

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