Animal Crossing New Horizons' Wedding Season: How to get rewards

On June 1st, "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" is launched. You will be welcomed by Isabella's PSA, telling you that you love being in the air. At last. She implies that the entire June of the game is the wedding season, which means new things you need to do, and more importantly, you need to earn Animal Crossing Bells.

After hearing Isabella's announcement, your virtual pocket will start to buzz. It is Harv, you may have visited the nearby islands. There is a photo studio on that island, it is nothing but a novelty, and it is now in use. He said he needs a little help and some "sweet people" need to take pictures.

After being caught on his island, you will see that the sweet people in question are Reese and Cyrus. These two alpacas may not be seen in the 3DS game "Animal Crossing: New Leaf" Ever. Harv tells you that this is their anniversary and they are taking some celebration photos. He has a studio but no props. He hopes you help them by providing the above props and design scenes.

Doing his job for Harv, you will get limited edition items.

The couple will ask for different themes every day and will give you different items to help them. On the first day, you need to use Reese's carefully prepared items to re-make the wedding, and the reward is the Wedding Bench. The next day, they will ask you to create a wedding banquet set and provide you with all the help of the "wedding table".

You will also get Heart Crystals from Reese. The more she likes this set, the more gifts she will give you. You can exchange more wedding supplies with Cyrus, or at IGGM website buy animal crossing bells received wedding supplies. Within seven days of each day, you will unlock new items.

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