Within this article, we want to share one of our most demanded products. These are our PVC Folding Doors or Tilt turn windows , an ideal addition to your home, and even in commercial areas.

There are many advantages of using a PVC Folding Door, mainly when it comes to saving space, when opened they fold neatly on themselves and unfold to close, using the same support frame to install the rail. Its unconventional design makes it possible to divide a space while cautiously guarding the circulation within an environment.

Interior French doors:

This type of door can be installed in the access to the living room or dining room of the house, thus enhancing the entrance to the largest or most important room in the house. It can also be the perfect door for an office, a meeting room, and even a bedroom. In all these cases, the sliding door option is perfectly justified.

Its PVC material is light and low maintenance, its presentation in plain colored panels allows it to easily adapt to any decoration. They are normally used in laundry rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and access doors to small spaces, although it will depend a lot on tastes and needs as they are also used in closets, pantries, dividing rooms, or in shops or offices.

In places where people with reduced mobility transit, folding doors provide more comfortable access from one room to another, due to their simple handling.

Learn about the benefits that a Folding Door offers us:


They adapt to the environments, since, with them, we save space when opening and when closing we generate an area with privacy.


Their tones are neutral, as is his style; They adapt to any space without affecting the decoration.

Low maintenance:

Bi-fold or Accordion Doors doors can be cleaned with detergent on a regular basis like most windows.

PVC folding doors can be the perfect solution for those areas that we want to close and create privacy; unlike sliding doors, they do not require space in front of the wall to slide from one side to the other.

At hawkeyewindows.com, we have a technical team that can advise you on the layout of your home, including the use of these doors that facilitate circulation within the spaces.

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