Oral surgery refers to any type of surgical procedure that is performed in your mouth, jaw or around your mouth. Oral maxi facial doctors or dentists can perform this type of surgery. These are the most popular types of dental surgery and what they can do.

1.Wisdom Teeth -Wisdom teeth can cause problems if not removed or retained. These conditions include tooth decay caused by food impaction and chronic infections of tissue around the wisdom teeth (pericoronitis). Wisdom teeth can be removed to relieve pain from pericoronitis. Patients who have undergone orthodontic treatment are often recommended to have their wisdom teeth extracted. This is done to reduce the risk of crowding and decay. After a tooth is removed, patients may experience fewer headaches. Patients with wisdom teeth that are impacted are often referred by oral maxillofacial doctors.

2.Dental implants: For those who have lost their teeth and are looking for a long-term treatment, dental implants may be an option. A specialist in dentistry or a dentist will surgically implant a titanium root into your jawbone. Dental implants have many advantages, including their realistic appearance and durability which can last a lifetime.

3.Jaw surgery:Sometimes a patient's jaw might not be aligned properly. The mandible or maxilla can be moved to correct severe malocclusions. This is used to correct skeletal malalignment. For the duration of the procedure and afterwards, traditional braces will still be necessary. This life-changing procedure can significantly improve your appearance and ability masticate.




4. Professionalsthodontics. This covers a variety of aesthetic procedures, such as dentures or veneers (fixed), dental bridges (fixed) and surgical insertions for dental implants. This involves the shaping of individual teeth to accept crowns. Prosthodontics offers patients both aesthetic and functional advantages.

5.Tooth Extractions: Tooth removal refers to the removing of a tooth. It's very simple. It is easy. The dentist can use IV, general, or local sedation. The dentist will remove any tooth/teeth that are damaged or too crowded. Markham can extract teeth and complete dentitions. Make an appointment to see your doctor. Consult your doctor immediately if you have any issues with your teeth. Refusing to remove bone can cause more damage to the surrounding tissue and increase the risk of losing healthy tissue.

Oral Surgery Procedures - When and Why They are Necessary

Oral surgery is used to correct problems in the jaw, teeth or mouth that cannot be fixed with other procedures. Oral surgery is routinely performed by oral doctors, so it's not something that should be scary.

Why is oral surgery necessary?

Dentists recommend oral surgery to patients when other treatment options have failed or the patient's problems cannot be solved with other techniques. These are just a few of the reasons oral surgery may be necessary:

Bone grafting

Bone grafting is a procedure that allows people who want to get dental implants but lack the bone mass necessary to do so. This involves taking bone from one part of the body in order to increase bone density in the jaw.


This procedure is performed if a root canal fails to provide sufficient protection to stop the spread of infection. To prevent further infection, the dentist will first extract infected root canals and then fill them with a crown.

Corrective jaw surgery

Orthographic surgery, also known as corrective jaw surgery, is used to correct misalignments in the jaw and teeth. This surgery can correct breathing, speaking, and bite problems as well as sleep apnea and sleep apnea.

Root amputation and hemisection

Root amputation can be performed to remove one root from a tooth that has multiple roots. If one or more root causes become infected, a dentist may refer the patient to an oral surgeon. An oral surgeon will remove half of the tooth, and leave one-rooted tooth that is functional.

Methods to lengthen the crown

For a crown-lengthening procedure, a dentist may refer the patient to an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. This will ensure that the tooth's structure is strong enough to support the crown.


Oral surgery can fix problems in your mouth and enhance the function of teeth. If you have any concerns about your oral health, schedule an appointment with an oral surgeon to discuss your options.

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