It actually comes down to choice. Some folks do want to Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells see spoilers, others don't. Provided that people are able to choose whether they wish to see it, I don't think there'll be any issues.

Thanks for the comments. The main thing with megathreads is we've already got two running in a time (just two stickies is the limit on Reddit): Simple questions and codes. Those are just two things that attract a whole lot of clutter, and there is a maximum of two slots that are tacky. During the summertime something else is accepting that slot machine, the questions or code thread for instance, would not be observable and it'd get very little usage.

A directory thread may operate, but honestly, in my opinion having a massive collection of megathreads is a bit messy/unintuitive. Just my thoughts though.

Another thing with megathreads that rely on pictures, there is no way to comment images at this moment, so the consumer would need to upload the images offsite themselves and post it. Which can be a huge hassle.

Can codes and questions be combined? Folks already place their codes in the questions thread despite the rules anyway. That leaves a place open for a daily/weekly megathread for other subjects. Or create the codes thread its own daily/weekly scheduled article with the other ones and maintain the questions ribbon. I feel those threads are fine and all, although the simple fact that they take precedence over major news or events is weird.

I mean it is your choice. Would you like to have more rules and to have to monitor the subreddit more? Or do you want to leave it as is and continue to threat the hostility in the comments on the more controversial articles such as the museum + edited pics articles, which would also need to be monitored more?

Or do you need users to have the expectation that everything they need can be found in certain threads on a particular schedule? I believe it works out nicely for another subreddits that take action. And honestly, to me, setting up automod to conduct the threads and then simply tracking the lower volume of posts sounds like less work.

Despite the fluffy nature of the game, this community can be incredibly rabid when something that they do not like gets published. I report those things as I view them, but then I see the toxic posters continue to post here and wonder if it even does some good. Like I reported somebody who had been around a thread telling people to eff off and stuff a couple weeks ago and they had been posting another day just like nothing had occurred. You can't ever make those kinds of people/situations go away, but you can attempt to lessen the buy Animal Crossing Items possibility of these happening by structuring rules and things around them more clearly.